Shuaibah Water and Electricity Company (SWEC)

I am pleased to thank RVA and all its team for value-adding input provided to SWEC on this project so far. Your knowledge and experience of the decommissioning and demolition industry has been invaluable throughout. You have delivered most of the support and advice you promised when we first met almost a year ago.

The RVA brief included assisting us to develop a robust decommissioning plan, comprising a schedule of works, identification of a project management structure and a detailed cost estimate. In addition, RVA provided information that enabled us to engage confidently and comprehensively with the offtaker and other stakeholders. This meant meaningful dialogue could be established from the outset and gave us the platform for this to be continued through to future stages of this significant project.

There is no doubt that the decommissioning specific skill sets held by RVA have allowed SWEC to ensure the project is aligned with very high standards of HSE compliance and will reflect global industry best practice.

All of the RVA team were fully engaged throughout the process and wherever possible, they accommodated our internal personnel in respect of the timing of meetings and responses to our queries.

The selection of RVA as our decommissioning adviser was the correct choice and we are looking forward to working with the company in the future as opportunities arise.