Sembcorp Utilities

Decommissioning and demolition of Derwent Power Station, Spondon, UK

Following the completion of the above project, I would like to thank the RVA team in helping us to deliver an incident-free outcome, within the budget cost and on programme.

We recognised from the outset that the removal of hazardous materials and demolition of the massive and complex structures was outside our company’s core business activities and hence we sought specialist support.

RVA’s combined roles of principal designer, project manager, and technical advisor enabled them to take us seamlessly through the process lifecycle, from scoping of the works, tendering, selection of a demolition contractor, and management of the on-site execution. At all times, RVA’s main focus was on making sure the highest levels of EHS standards were maintained and exposure to risk minimised.

In addition to the accepted complexities associated with this type of demolition project, some areas of the redundant station had become homes to protected species and RVA worked with us in a diligent and collaborative manner, dealing with the Local Authority, ecology groups, and other stakeholders, to ensure that measures were take to minimise disruption to wildlife, the environment, and our corporate reputation.

RVA is also supporting other divisions of our company in a similar capacity, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others, when faced with similar challenging projects.