Ineos Vinyls

RVA was contracted to INEOS to provide specialist engineering consultancy and CDM coordinator services for the dismantling and demolition works at the INEOS Vinyls Barry Site, Penarth, Wales. This involved managing the demolition contractor and its activities to meet the requirements of the demolition contract between INEOS and the demolition contractor, and to ensure the work was completed in accordance with appropriate legislation, and within exemplary SHE standards.

The RVA work was in three phases, Phase 1 ‘Project Identification & Development’ , Phase 2 ‘Enabling & Pre Site Works’ and Phase 3 ‘Project Execution’.

RVA has proven themselves to be an experienced, competent and professional organisation.

Specifically, RVA set up formal monitoring and control processes to ensure that accurate and reliable information was presented at regular intervals covering all the key deliverables of the project with particular emphasis on the demolition contractor’s SHE performance, completion of key activities versus programme, minimisation of unjustified variations and control of approvals.

As the client, I was kept well informed via various communication channels. Any issues or incidents were highlighted quickly and dealt with competently and professionally.

I believe that RVA managed and controlled the dismantling and demolition works and overall project competently, which enabled the delivery of a safe and effective demolition of the Barry plant, within the strict requirements of the contract.

I pass on my thanks to the way that all 3 parties Contractor/RVA/Ineos worked together on site for the Barry demolition. I was genuinely delighted with the work and cooperation…and the way [you] went about finding solutions, working together and rising to the challenges that these projects invariably raise… things were dealt with in a professional and pragmatic way.