INEOS ChlorVinyls

We interviewed a number of potential specialist consultants and selected, on the basis of their track record and expertise, RVA as our partners… A significant programme of site dismantling works was commenced. Understandably, challenges arose during these complex undertakings. These were proactively addressed by RVA’s team and ‘can do’ management style. Wherever there was the possibility of anything less than 100% EHS excellence, RVA worked tirelessly with both the INEOS and contractor’s personnel to resolve the issues promptly, efficiently and by the use of best practice techniques.

RVA were further tasked by INEOS to investigate any strategies that could attract a positive income stream, by the removal of other areas of the plant, no longer operational. By formulating a comprehensive Redundant Asset Management Plan, they were able to clearly identify the opportunities available to us and, at the same time, help in recognising our liabilities.

Of particular note is their client facing focus and objective to keep EHS standards to the highest achievable level, without losing site of the need to work within the world of commercial reality.