Eggborough Power Limited

When the decision was taken to commence our planning for the cessation of generation at Eggborough Power Station, the Site Management Team recognised that the process going forward would inevitably involve it in situations and tasks outside the normal operating remit. We wanted to be as certain as possible that any immediate actions or short term plans did not result in making decisions that would create issues, preclude future opportunities, or commit EPL to avoidable cost further down the line.

We interviewed a number of organisations to establish what was available in the market place and the services they could offer. RVA Group were selected to carry out a Feasibility and Options Study and provide us with a range of alternative approaches to the decommissioning project, with these being supported by the associated costs, programmes, resourcing requirements and strategies and other value-adding data.

In addition to the general decommissioning knowledge held by the RVA team, its power-sector specific experience, ranging from the procurement of hazardous insulation materials surveys to cooling tower demolition by the use of explosives, all added to the reliability of the information they provided us and the overall quality of the Study.

I would be happy to work with RVA in the future, should a suitable opportunity arise and would recommend them to any organisation that find themselves in similar circumstance to EPL.