Eggborough Power, East Yorkshire

Provision Of Specialist HSE, Engineering And Technical Services – Potential Decommissioning And Demolition Of Eggborough Power Station, East Yorkshire

Following completion of a Feasibility and Options Study towards the end of 2015, RVA was further retained by Eggborough Power to support it through the next phase of the station decommissioning project. The work brief comprised the identification of demolition contractors to participate in a detailed pre-qualification process to assess their competence, experience and potential inclusion on a list of tenderers. In addition, the RVA deliverables included: development of a detailed scope of work to procure a Hazardous Insulation Materials survey, compilation of a comprehensive specification of works with an integrated HSE plan for the demolition of a ~2,000MW coal fired power station, technical and engineering support throughout the Eggborough Power tender process, to the point of preferred demolition contractor selection.

RVA was also tasked to provide management assistance to our internal team, for the design of a site decommissioning strategy complete with an efficient operating system to enable the process, when implemented, to be robustly documented and audited.

RVA, by displaying an in-depth knowledge of the decommissioning and demolition sector and with its specific power sector experience in all areas, including the use of explosives to collapse large structures, including cooling towers, stacks, boiler houses, etc. has added significant value to our project.

Whilst the closure date for Eggborough has yet to be decided, it is likely RVA will be considered to assist in the management of the next phase i.e. the physical asbestos removal and demolition of the station through to completion.

We have no hesitation in recommending RVA to other power station operator faced with a similar situation to ours.