BASF Bradford Site

Following a 3-year major investment program at its UK Bradford site, BASF has decided to complete the site transformation by demolishing empty buildings and dismantling redundant process plant / infrastructure, some of which have been shut down for a number of years. In total there are 36 separate buildings and structures marked for removal, each one is integrated in and amongst working plants which need to be protected and preserved. Managing health and safety during the demolition process is the number one consideration.

The BASF Site Engineering Department had little experience of plant demolition and needed to get an early understanding of the demolition market, modern demolition methodologies applicable to the specific buildings and structures and also a sanction grade cost estimate. It was decided to commission the services of a decommissioning and demolition consulting company to bring some expertise to the in-house team.

After an evaluation of plant demolition consultants, BASF selected the RVA Group to survey the areas of marked for demolition and provide a study phase report to cover the above requirements.

The study was carried out over 8 weeks, the RVA team working on the demolition study were professional, proficient, responsive and understanding of what needed to be achieved and certainly helped the BASF team come to a better understanding in the field of demolition.

The professional study is now being used to progress the project.