RVA spotlight – meet M. Rashid Shauq

RVA spotlight - meet M. Rashid Shauq

Name and role: M. Rashid Shauq, project manager

How long have you been with RVA Group? 

Almost 10 years.

Describe your career journey before that? 

After graduating in mechanical engineering in 1993, I was placed on a Grad Start pilot scheme. This allowed me to work in the petrochemical sector in the Northeast – mainly on the Wilton & Seal Sands sites – as a junior engineer within the maintenance & construction departments.  

Following that I became a maintenance manager on several industrial and petrochemical sites within the Northeast and North Yorkshire areas. 

What did you want to be, when you were younger? 

A sportsperson, but mainly a snooker player or an athlete.

And what do you think is the key skill you need to be a successful project manager?

I’d say there are three core elements to this role – truly understanding the client and project requirements, planning, and having clear communication skills (verbal & written).

What’s your biggest RVA achievement to date?

Completing all decommissioning and demolition projects with no major health and safety issues.

And the most memorable thing you’ve learnt during your career?

The importance of getting on with my own team members as well as the client’s team. 

I would also encourage people to use the resources and knowledge that they already have, or that is accessible, and not be frightened to ask if they’re unsure about anything – no-one knows everything.

Describe your dream project.

Any decommissioning and/or demolition project where we’re involved from start to finish, that is completed safely, on time, within budget and leads to repeat business opportunities.

RVA Group is celebrating 30 years in business, with a truly global reputation for decommissioning excellence. Why do you think the company has earned such a stand-out position in industry?

We have a great safety track record and working standards, both in terms of our on-site conduct and within our quality systems. This is one of the key reasons we secure repeat business, which is also something to be especially proud of. 

While we have a strong heritage, RVA remains innovative too, with the business continually evolving with the times and adapting to meet changing client requirements. 

Our experience and knowledge base has underpinned RVA’s progress towards having this globally renowned position in industry, and we share new ideas and methodologies all the time, to guide our clients down the right path.

Of all the sectors RVA operates in, which is the most exciting right now?

I personally find all our sectors exciting – whether we’re decommissioning a power plant or a chemical manufacturing facility, or anything in between. The client could ask for anything, at any time, whether in the UK or abroad, which keeps our minds and roles fresh.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you could give to an organisation preparing for a decommissioning project?

Ensure that decommissioning work starts as early as possible with the right team in place. Ideally that ‘dream team’ will include people with asset specific knowledge too.

What makes you tick outside of work?

I like to go to the gym at least five times a week. I also like to go on holiday in both the UK and abroad, mainly to Cyprus (Paphos). 

I am a grandad now too, so my two-year-old granddaughter takes up some of my spare time which is a good thing – I’m loving watching her develop and grow.

If you could be given a plane ticket for anywhere, where would you choose?

Australia – specifically Adelaide and Melbourne. The last time I was there was in 1998 to watch the Ashes cricket – Australia v England – and I’d love to go back.

Which one word would you hope colleagues would use to describe you?