RVA to take centre stage at February’s NEPIC conference

NEPIC Conference RVA Group

We are very pleased to announce that Matthew Waller, RVA Group’s Operations
Director, will be speaking at the upcoming NEPIC Asset Management Conference
on 8 February, at Hardwick Hall Hotel, Sedgefield.

NEPIC is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the needs and interests of the
chemical-processing sector in the North East of England. The prestigious
membership body essentially exists to ensure industry thrives in this region – and
that there are investments, innovations and a network that will create jobs and
opportunities long into the future.

Those familiar with the work of RVA, will know that over the last 30 years our team
has managed almost 900 decontamination, decommissioning, dismantling and
demolition projects worldwide, including many amongst the process sector on
Teesside. We have worked hard to develop an unrivalled reputation among blue-
chip clients for adding value and delivering projects with safety as a ‘built-in’ and
non-negotiable performance criteria. This will therefore provide the foundation of
our seminar at the upcoming conference.

Matthew will be speaking about “Asset end of life decommissioning plans”. Whilst
the term ‘Asset Management’ is routinely focused on the optimisation of
production, the eventual decommissioning of an asset is part of its overall
lifecycle and should be considered as early as possible. Addressing the end game
early adds value in the longer-term – assuring the achievement of EHS excellence
while minimising cost.

There are several steps that will make the eventual closure of a plant safer,
cleaner and more efficient. This presentation will therefore outline a front-end
engineered approach, that will enable operators to plan and make soundly based
business decisions for whenever the time comes to decommission.

Topics Matthew will be covering include:

• Financial provisioning and feasibility studies – what will it cost and what are
my options?
• Preparing for demolition (decommissioning & isolation strategy and
implementation) – what does it look like?
• Building the team and retaining critical knowledge – who will you need?
• Decommissioning Quality Assurance – how do I achieve this?
• Unknown unknowns
• Procuring contractors – what is the supply chain like?
• Managing the process – what are the pitfalls?

This ever-popular industry event will showcase cross-sector best practice to drive
forward improvements in productivity, reliability and safety.  During the day NEPIC
will also demonstrate transferable lessons from across the manufacturing
spectrum – which Production and Engineering Managers can apply to their own
operations – as well as showcasing the broad range of asset management
capabilities available within the region.

Want to hear more from Matthew? Catch up on his team spotlight, over on our
blog. To delve deeper into the conference line-up, please visit the NEPIC website .