EP UK Investments acquires decommissioning consultancy RVA Group

Specialist decommissioning, decontamination, dismantling and demolition consultancy RVA Group has today announced that the company has been acquired by Prague based Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH) via its wholly owned subsidiary EP UK Investments Ltd for an undisclosed sum.

The news comes in the year that RVA celebrates a pivotal 25 years in business.

Richard Vann founded RVA in 1992 and the company has gone on to complete more than 700 projects worldwide. Clients include major international blue-chip brands including SABIC, ConocoPhillips and INEOS.

EP UK Investments has now acquired RVA’s full share capital including its wholly owned subsidiaries RVA Consulting Engineers Ltd and RVA Engineering Solutions Ltd. However, whilst this may represent a key strategic move for the company, operationally little will change.

Richard, who will maintain his role as managing director, elaborated: “At the end of 2016, we commenced a ‘fit for future’ programme which saw the recruitment of additional key personnel and the creation of further structure within our team. A significant investment was also ploughed into new cloud technology throughout the business, to increase the flexibility, security and continuity of our work.

“It was all about preparing RVA for the next 25 years and it is great that, in line with this succession planning strategy, an ideal window of opportunity has already opened up for us.”

“In practice, it’s business as usual – all legal entities, contractual obligations, RVA personnel and the services we deliver remain unchanged,” Richard continued. “However, the new ownership provides an excellent platform for RVA to confidently strengthen its team and expand further in the UK, Europe and beyond.

“I personally have many more goals to fulfil for the company, and I see EP UK Investment’s acquisition of RVA bringing these well within reach in the near future.”

With a comprehensive portfolio of power and energy assets worldwide, EPH’s decommissioning requirements will further add to RVA Group’s forward order book of work.

Adding further comment, EPH’s decommissioning manager Robert Bundil said: “We have worked with RVA people on a couple of projects and know they are excellent professionals who bring high value to their clients. EPH is a responsible owner of its energy assets not only during their operation, but is also committed to fulfil all legal and moral obligations after their closure.

“Having RVA on board gives us absolute confidence that we will be capable to carry out our decommissioning duties in a safe and professional manner.

RVA will continue providing its sector-wide support for other clients within the global chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power, energy, oil, gas and heavy manufacturing industries too. The company will also maintain its current headquarters in London.

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