Works execution services

Utilising decades of industry experience, RVA’s specialist engineering consultants ensure the best-value management of project safety, methodology, financials and site personnel.

  • Project management

    This is the area where RVA can add maximum value to clients’ projects. The earlier that RVA becomes involved in the process, the greater the level of safety, environmental and indeed financial benefit derived.

    RVA acknowledges that every circumstance has to be assessed on its own merits, therefore a ‘one size fits all’ approach is never adopted. Clients have differing needs so RVA’s input is tailored to meet these; ensuring at the same time that safety, operational, commercial and public relations matters are fully considered and controlled. RVA offers a truly substantial and robust project management package and invariably clients’ expectations are exceeded.

    Understanding that the majority of clients have little or no experience in decommissioning, decontamination, dismantling or demolition, RVA frequently heads up the project team. This is not to say that we do not recognise the importance of those with existing site knowledge, and we actively encourage input and assistance from the client. Indeed, no-one knows a plant better than the operators that have been running it, so their knowledge can prove a significant value-adding asset.

  • EHS management and safety auditing

    Safety is RVA’s number one priority, therefore we guide and support clients’ teams at all times to ensure operations are undertaken using best-practice procedures and methodology, and strictly in accordance with ever-evolving and increasingly more stringent legislation.

    Safety plans are compiled in conjunction with other contractual documentation. The result is a cohesive output, with no conflict or misunderstanding when it comes to risk management and the goal to achieve EHS excellence.

    RVA views the management of EHS as a joint responsibility to be shared by all involved in any given project. The establishment of a tripartite alliance between the client, contractor and RVA creates the foundation on which to build a successful safety mindset and behavioural culture.

    The installation of learning event reporting, open EHS discussions and hazard workshops are just some of the tools used to ensure that the three project priorities are Safety! Safety! Safety!

  • Technical auditing

    RVA’s technical engineering expertise can be used to actively assess and comment on method statements put forward by contractors. Thanks to many years experience in the demolition/decommissioning arena, it is possible to take a practical and realistic view when auditing proposed work systems and procedures.

    We operate as part of a project team with, not in opposition to the contractor. RVA will proactively become involved in the development of best value methodology and, where required, will explore a variety of solutions in order to advance and enhance the project.

    RVA’s targeted skill-sets span disciplines including demolition, explosives, chemical, structural and mechanical engineering. As a result RVA is able to deliver safe, commercially secure, environmentally sound and cost effective results, even when the circumstances are extremely challenging.

    As the needs of every project vary, so too does RVA’s level of input. We can provide both resident or visiting management resource and via our directly employed engineering and EHS team, remain flexible to accommodate changing levels of activity over the project lifecycle.

  • Project financial control

    The control of cost throughout a project is vital.

    These controls start at the tendering stage, because a detailed scope of works will enable a contractor, in most cases, to provide a fixed sum for the project.

    Using knowledge of where pitfalls could lie, RVA carefully calculates bills of quantities or pricing schedules for completion at tender stage. This information provides the client with contract spend certainty. RVA then structures financial milestones for the client to use as valuation monitoring points. This approach, coupled with bonds or guarantees, ensure contractual integrity and security for the client.

    RVA will endeavour to develop bespoke cost-control systems to further protect the client wherever possible. For example, past projects have benefited from the formulation of index-linked de-risking mechanisms, which protect the client and contractor from the volatility of scrap commodity market values. Equally gainshare structures can be introduced to incentivise the whole project team to deliver optimum performance without compromise to quality or EHS standards.