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Davidson Mill

  Case Study - Davidson Mill (215.3 KiB)

For three years, a vast paper making machine stood idle at Davidson Mill in Mugiemoss, Aberdeen.

The machinery was the property of Saint Gobain company, BPB, a world leader in the supply of plasterboard and gypsum plasters, and major supplier of insulation, ceiling tiles and interior products to more than 50 countries. Once the world’s largest manufacturer of paper bags, BPB was able to produce up to 225,000 tonnes of paper a year.

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Authoritative role for RVA at leading event

The specialist expertise of RVA Group has been sought by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), as part of an authoritative one day seminar focusing upon redundant plant.

Set to attract site owners and operators from throughout the country, the Wilton event will offer an in-depth look at the engineering and safety issues typically faced when managing redundant assets. A programme of presentations is planned for the 19th May 2011, with RVA delivering a session focusing upon “Dismantling Plant for Sale and Re-use” at 14:05.

Having completed in excess of 500 large-scale, complex and high hazard projects, RVA can offer much-needed expert guidance regarding what is usually a step into the unknown for many organisations.

An RVA director explained: “Companies across the globe face great uncertainty when assessing the viable options for redundant plant. However, day in day out, RVA works exclusively for clients within these financially challenging and inherently high-risk circumstances, to provide a much-needed professional insight into this very specialist area of engineering.

“We therefore have a lot to offer at a leading industry event such as this. Since 1992 our team has been dedicated to providing unbiased, uncompromised, knowledge-based management support – in the disciplines of decommissioning, decontamination, dismantling and demolition – so I would encourage anyone who is currently (or potentially) facing site rationalisation or closure, to attend.”

RVA’s presentation will investigate:

  • What feasible options exist for redundant plant?
  • How to establish the commercial viability of dismantling plant for sale and re-use before approaching the market?
  • How to ensure vendor control over the project execution and finances?
  • What methodology and subsequent management approach will ensure facilities are decommissioned, isolated, demolished and/or dismantled safely, whilst at the same time cost-effectively and with minimal environmental impact?
  • What potential challenges and risks are associated with this complex activity and how these can be identified, anticipated and overcome?

For further information about the event, contact RVA or visit the IMechE website.

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Plant Dismantling for Relocation and Reassembly

  Case Study - GrowHow/Sigma (1.3 MiB)

RVA brought a complex three year programme of decommissioning, isolation, demolition and ground remediation works at GrowHow’s Severnside site to a close, following the final meticulous dismantling of two LCA plants.

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