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Decommissioning and demolition of Derwent Power Station, Spondon, UK

Following the completion of the above project, I would like to thank the RVA team in helping us to deliver an incident-free outcome, within the budget cost and on programme.

We recognised from the outset that the removal of hazardous materials and demolition of the massive and complex structures was outside our company’s core business activities and hence we sought specialist support.

RVA’s combined roles of principal designer, project manager, and technical advisor enabled them to take us seamlessly through the process lifecycle, from scoping of the works, tendering, selection of a demolition contractor, and management of the on-site execution. At all times, RVA’s main focus was on making sure the highest levels of EHS standards were maintained and exposure to risk minimised.

In addition to the accepted complexities associated with this type of demolition project, some areas of the redundant station had become homes to protected species and RVA worked with us in a diligent and collaborative manner, dealing with the Local Authority, ecology groups, and other stakeholders, to ensure that measures were take to minimise disruption to wildlife, the environment, and our corporate reputation.

RVA is also supporting other divisions of our company in a similar capacity, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others, when faced with similar challenging projects.



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Eggborough Power, East Yorkshire

Provision Of Specialist HSE, Engineering And Technical Services – Potential Decommissioning And Demolition Of Eggborough Power Station, East Yorkshire

Following completion of a Feasibility and Options Study towards the end of 2015, RVA was further retained by Eggborough Power to support it through the next phase of the station decommissioning project.  The work brief comprised the identification of demolition contractors to participate in a detailed pre-qualification process to assess their competence, experience and potential inclusion on a list of tenderers. In addition, the RVA deliverables included: development of a detailed scope of work to procure a Hazardous Insulation Materials survey, compilation of a comprehensive specification of works with an integrated HSE plan for the demolition of a ~2,000MW coal fired power station, technical and engineering support throughout the Eggborough Power tender process, to the point of preferred demolition contractor selection.

RVA was also tasked to provide management assistance to our internal team, for the design of a site decommissioning strategy complete with an efficient operating system to enable the process, when implemented, to be robustly documented and audited.

RVA, by displaying an in-depth knowledge of the decommissioning and demolition sector and with its specific power sector experience in all areas, including the use of explosives to collapse large structures, including cooling towers, stacks, boiler houses, etc. has added significant value to our project.

Whilst the closure date for Eggborough has yet to be decided, it is likely RVA will be considered to assist in the management of the next phase i.e. the physical asbestos removal and demolition of the station through to completion.

We have no hesitation in recommending RVA to other power station operator faced with a similar situation to ours.

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SSE Long Term Laibility Study

SSE Generation required a high level but robust assessment of its liabilities to assist in the
determination of adequate provision for business and reporting purposes.

RVA were able to demonstrate both the experience and industry data to make such an assessment at an appropriate level of detail and respond in a relatively short time from instruction to proceed.

The methodology employed has been both rigorous and transparent, involving site visits and desk top analysis to provide a model based on required resources, scrap and waste with the underlying assumptions captured in both the model and accompanying report,  thereby providing a high degree of confidence in the estimated costs at both individual site and business unit level.

The outcome was delivered on schedule with adequate opportunity for review and adjustment so thatteams were involved in developing the approach and the results.

Finally, the RVA team engaged local site management in a highly professional and efficient manner interviewing key site personnel to obtain the essential information but minimizing disruption to operations.

I would have no hesitation in approaching RVA for a similar project in future.

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Eggborough Power Limited

When the decision was taken to commence our planning for the cessation of generation at Eggborough Power Station, the Site Management Team recognised that the process going forward would inevitably involve it in situations and tasks outside the normal operating remit. We wanted to be as certain as possible that any immediate actions or short term plans did not result in making decisions that would create issues, preclude future opportunities, or commit EPL to avoidable cost further down the line.

We interviewed a number of organisations to establish what was available in the market place and the services they could offer. RVA Group were selected to carry out a Feasibility and Options Study and provide us with a range of alternative approaches to the decommissioning project, with these being supported by the associated costs, programmes, resourcing requirements and strategies and other value-adding data.

In addition to the general decommissioning knowledge held by the RVA team, its power-sector specific experience, ranging from the procurement of hazardous insulation materials surveys to cooling tower demolition by the use of explosives, all added to the reliability of the information they provided us and the overall quality of the Study.

I would be happy to work with RVA in the future, should a suitable opportunity arise and would recommend them to any organisation that find themselves in similar circumstance to EPL.

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Following discussions with a number of consultants, we engaged with RVA, who were able to demonstrate a track record of managing comparable projects in other industrial sectors.  The principal goal was absolutely clear to the whole team in that the maintenance of highest achievable HSE standards, in every facet of the project was, a non-negotiable driver.  RVA was appointed as the CDM-C duty holder to support ENGIE (formely GDF SUEZ) in achieving that goal…

… The RVA brief included the comprehensive pre-qualification of demolition companies, compilation of the bid documentation, support to the site decommissioning team, assessment of tender returns and recommendation of a demolition contractor.  An area where RVA’s input resulted in a tangible gain for our company, was in the detailes analysis of the biddrs’s submissions and translating their evaluations of scrap tonnages agaist the cost of works.  This enabled us to derive the optimum return from our decommissioned assetts without compromising the ability to uphold both HSE and commercial security.

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Thames Power Services

When the decision was made to cease generation at the Barking, it was apparent that the Company did not have all of the required skills in-house to manage the decommissioning, dismantling and demolition works at Barking.

RVA, who had previously undertaken a high level decommissioning study of the power station, was engaged to act as specialist adviser, project manager and CDM-C. Included in RVA’s scope was the requirement to support the Company’s own site team in designing a fit-for-purpose decommissioning strategy and develop integrated scopes of works with EHS plans for the various alternative approaches to the demolition of both on-site and off-site assets. In addition RVA led the engagement with the contractor supply chain, management of a robust tendering process and evaluation of bids received. RVA also assisted the Company in exploring the plant resale market and developing a number of expressions of interest.

There was also a need during the above period to scope, tender and execute some advanced works to a very challenging schedule – a task that was successfully completed.

Whilst the final decommissioning, demolition and site disposal options have not yet been decided the Company is satisfied that RVA provided a secure, focused, proactive, confidential and robust service throughout and at all times protected the interests of the Company. Therefore, we would have no hesitation in using RVA services in the future or recommending them to other organisations requiring similar services.


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