Site Exit and Closure Programme

On behalf of Eli Lilly and Company, I would like to pass on my sincere thanks for the work you undertook to get our 47 acre research and development site at Windlesham ready for sale.

Lilly confirmed the site was to be sold in January 2020 with the majority of my engineering team leaving in May 2020. This left a very small, retained team to manage the decontamination and engineering works required for the sale which was going to prove a challenge to deliver the works to the aggressive timeline of 10 months. We engaged with RVA primarily to be the project managers for work and to assume the CDM Principal Designer role but we soon discovered they had become our de facto quantity surveyor, technical advisor, safety consultant and trusted partner. The RVA project manager quickly became embedded in the team, taking a lead role in working with the retained Lilly team and the remote RVA Operations Manager to very quickly but together a comprehensive and robust tender package, take it through competitive tender and award the contract. RVA then project managed this challenging project through to successful completion and was able to deal with scope and timeline changes that came our way.

RVA’s attention to detail, commitment to safety and experience in this work was second to none and they were key to bringing in the project to time and budget, and more importantly with no accidents or near misses. Their level of rigour, including regular project meetings, contractor safety reviews and audits was impressive, and they also took on and managed other ad hoc engineering tasks to assist with the site closure.

I would highly recommend them to other companies conducting similar work.

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…the role of planning supervisor proved an invaluable assistance to Novartis Grimsby. Attention to detail due to the contamination issues…and all associated health and safety issues …. in all cases carried out in full. One of the highlights was the close working relationship adopted between yourselves and the Novartis team… which had a hands on non-adversarial approach. The fees involved in employing RVA based on quality and content of the service provided were well justified………

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I was searching…..for companies who could assist GSK in looking for contractors capable of decontaminating our production facility for penicillin and its derivative….. We asked RVA for a proposal that would add value, as we in GSK had our ideas on the approach. This you did…… An excellent scope of work was prepared and a number of site visits for pre-qualification arranged. The GSK technical staff who took part in the pre-qualification were impressed with the potential bidders selected by RVA. The quality of the tender document prepared by RVA meant the bids fully encompassed all the work expected by GSK. The general opinion from my Project Manager and team involved in the wider project is that RVA have delivered a lot in a short time….. Our confidence in RVA being able to add further value is such that the opinion of the team is that full time input from RVA when we start the decontamination work will be of real assistance.

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Sanofi Aventis

……..I thought it only right that I sent you a letter congratulating RVA on their excellent performance throughout the project… This has been a £3.2m project delivered ahead of time and under budget….if we have any further demolition projects we would certainly use your services again.

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I would just like to pen a few lines thanking RVA for their excellent input into the exit of a number of products from the GSK site at Irvine, Ayrshire and the subsequent decontamination and demolition of the buildings across the site.

… importantly it was obvious that the key contractors in the Decontamination and Demolition industry respect RVA’s expertise and knew that working on an ‘RVA project’ was important with regard to their reputation as being seen as a ‘1st Division player’ in the industry.

GSK’s priority on the project was safety, with cost a very important, but not overriding driver. RVA produced a very thorough evaluation of all the bids. The GSK contractor evaluation process, using this evaluation, was used to make the final selection of the principal contractor to do the work and this process was very well supported by RVA.

RVA’s focus on safety during the project was excellent, carrying our comprehensive reviews of the contractors safe systems of work at every stage of the job and auditing the work area on a daily basis.

Finally the project was completed on time and under budget.

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Aventis Pharma

‘…I wish to record Aventis’s thanks for the RVA role as Planning Supervisor and Project Manager………. The various projects totalling £3.7M have been completed on budget and time with an exemplary safety record…’

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