Tate & Lyle, Jurong Island, Singapore

Congratulations to the entire team for successfully completing the removal and shipment of all the equipment to be relocated to the various T&L facilities!  During my visits, I was extremely impressed with the intense focus on safety and the professionalism of the team. Great job to all involved!

Maintain your strong focus on safety.

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BASF Bradford Site

Following a 3-year major investment program at its UK Bradford site, BASF has decided to complete the site transformation by demolishing empty buildings and dismantling redundant process plant / infrastructure, some of which have been shut down for a number of years. In total there are 36 separate buildings and structures marked for removal, each one is integrated in and amongst working plants which need to be protected and preserved. Managing health and safety during the demolition process is the number one consideration.

The BASF Site Engineering Department had little experience of plant demolition and needed to get an early understanding of the demolition market, modern demolition methodologies applicable to the specific buildings and structures and also a sanction grade cost estimate. It was decided to commission the services of a decommissioning and demolition consulting company to bring some expertise to the in-house team.

After an evaluation of plant demolition consultants, BASF selected the RVA Group to survey the areas of marked for demolition and provide a study phase report to cover the above requirements.

The study was carried out over 8 weeks, the RVA team working on the demolition study were professional, proficient, responsive and understanding of what needed to be achieved and certainly helped the BASF team come to a better understanding in the field of demolition.

The professional study is now being used to progress the project.

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Teijin Polycarbonate Singapore

When the decision was announced to cease production at our Singapore plant and exit our site, we were approached by RVA Group, who had experience of managing similar closure projects on Jurong Island. RVA offered to act as specialist adviser to Teijin management and ensure that a fully HSE compliant, fit for purpose and cost effective strategy was developed and implemented.

We felt there were areas of the planned decommissioning, dismantling and demolition process where our in-house team would benefit from some specialist input and engaged with RVA. Its initial assignment was to develop a comprehensive Feasibility and Options Study to investigate the alternative contracting, procurement and commercial strategies available to Teijin combined with associated cost and programme data. The Study helped us understand the relative benefits of the options open to us, and in the selection of a route forward that would be most advantageous to our company.

The RVA role was then expanded to assist in the definition of our decommissioning and isolation philosophy, provide practical local on-site support, develop comprehensive bid documentation, pre-qualify prospective tenderers and assist in the selection of a preferred contractor. In addition, RVA having worked with JTC and other local authorities enabled us to understand and efficiently manage the regulatory processes associated with the closure.

Teijin found RVA’s detailed knowledge of the decommissioning sector combined with recent experience of operating in Singapore was of real benefit and value to the project and the Teijin team. We would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies when they have to face the challenges that a plant closure and site exit present.

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Evonik Industries

As part of a global organization, it was important that we approched this project in a safe, well-managed and professional manner…

…The services and advise that RVA provided enabled us to safely complete the disassembly in an economical and timely manner…

…Once the contractor had been appointed, RVA continued to proivide the essential link between the contractor and ourselves through to completion of the demolition work and handover of the site back to Evonik.

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Total Petrochemicals UK Ltd

The Polystryrene Plant of Total Petrochemicals UK stopped production in 2013. The site was to be demolished and a small team of employees were retained to oversee the project. After some initial training in demolition it became apparent that specialist assistance was required to help our staff but also in order to comply with legislation in terms of competence and CDM regulations.

After competitive tender, RVA were appointed to the role of CDM-C for the project.

RVA provided a very competent team of staff to see us through the hazards, they worked alongside our site knowledge with their demolition expertise. RVA ensured that the demolition contractor followed appropriate method statements and completed risk assessments.

I would recommend the use of RVA in the role of CDM-C.


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Invista (Germany)

RVA acted as project engineers and specialist demolition consulting engineers in our D&R project. They are one of the best, most professional companies we have dealt with and we would have no hesitation in recommending them.

RVA worked closely and collaboratively with our teams, paying attention to our interests and not losing focus on the overall target. We cannot recall a situation where RVA didn’t react flexibly or innovatively to adjust their work plans and resources to the benefit of our project. The team always provided us with a high quality service and fulfilled our safety, health and environmental expectations excellently.

(adjusted translation from German).

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