Davidson Mill

  Case Study - Davidson Mill (215.3 KiB)

For three years, a vast paper making machine stood idle at Davidson Mill in Mugiemoss, Aberdeen.

The machinery was the property of Saint Gobain company, BPB, a world leader in the supply of plasterboard and gypsum plasters, and major supplier of insulation, ceiling tiles and interior products to more than 50 countries. Once the world’s largest manufacturer of paper bags, BPB was able to produce up to 225,000 tonnes of paper a year.

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Saint-Gobain Pipelines

Foundry Demolition And Clearance

  Case Study - Saint-Gobain Pipelines (615.5 KiB)

Following the closure of Saint-Gobain’s Staveley Works in Derbyshire, a complex dismantling process was put underway to remove foundry buildings that have dominated the local skyline for 300 years.

The substantial project, included asbestos removal, deplanting, demolition and the clearance of 30 mixed and massive structures to leave the site in a safe and known condition, for return to its owner.

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Saint-Gobain PAM UK

Making Decommissioning Possible

  Case Study - Saint-Gobain PAM UK (1.2 MiB)

A major project to decommission one of Europe’s largest former pipe manufacturing plants was carried out at no cost to its owner thanks to RVA’s specialist industry knowledge.Saint-Gobain PAM UK had initially thought the cost to deplant the former Central Melting Plant (CMP) and adjacent Hallam Plant in Ilkeston would be too excessive. However RVA was appointed to conduct a series of in-depth feasibility studies to investigate the different solutions available.

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