William Sutton Housing Association

When William Sutton Housing Association sought experienced consultants to manage the demolition of a 16-storey tower block in central Salford, RVA Group demonstrated an impressive CV and professional approach to such works.

Not only did William Sutton have no previous experience of high-rise tower block demolition; the building’s close proximity to occupied family homes, situated only 10m from the block at the nearest point, presented additional challenges and uncertainties for the client. Yet thankfully with RVA, William Sutton was in safe hands.

RVA’s appointment included full project management services, the management of tenders, quantity surveying and CDM coordinator (safety) duties. RVA advised the safest and least disruptive methodology would be demolition with the controlled use of explosives, a technique other consultants who had tendered for the works had dismissed outright. Yet the client trusted RVA’s experience from working on similar demolition projects across a wide range of industries, and later praised the team for making the right decision and ensuring a job very well done. RVA’s in-depth pre-demolition excavation procedures and planning were also commended.

The project was delivered safely, on time, below budget, with minimal disruption to the local community and without damage or claim to any adjoining properties.

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Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

The demonstration of detailed method statements, safety plans, project programmes and best-value services, led to RVA Group’s appointment as consultants to Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council as they prepared to demolish seven buildings ranging from 8-18 storeys high.

RVA was involved with client briefings; site investigations; on-site safety; tender documentation and contractor evaluation/appointment; liaison with external stakeholders including utilities providers, emergency services, tenants and the general public. Walsall Council was able to complete the works in advance of programme, within budget and not least with the avoidance of injury to the environment, goods and people.

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Preston City Council

When three 16-storey high rise blocks of flats were evacuated due to a major structural fault, RVA Group was called in to project manage their emergency demolition.

Handling all aspects of the project with utmost professionalism, RVA helped plan the detailed yet time constrained programme of works, advising too on demolition methods and contractor procurement, and leading the multi-agency team as they undertook the ensuing blowdown.

Preston City Council praised RVA for their excellent job and the fact that the project was carried out safely, quickly and within budget.

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River Clyde Homes

 The controlled use of explosives

  Case Study - River Clyde Homes (329.5 KiB)

A redundant 17-storey tower block in Scotland has been successfully brought down by the controlled use of explosives, under the watchful eye of specialist consulting engineers RVA Group.

It was evident that demolition of the 6,500 tonne concrete and brick structure required meticulous planning and robust scientific methodology, but the close proximity of an electric Network Rail commuter line – the boundary of which sat just 3 metres from Octavia Court – posed an added challenge. It was essential to protect the rail infrastructure during the demolition, whilst ensuring disruption to rail services was kept to an absolute minimum.


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