St Pauls Developments

Decommissioning of Multi-Purpose Plant

  Case Study - St Pauls Developments (687.2 KiB)

RVA was selected by this client to support them in the closure and clearance of this 70 year old site in readiness for future regeneration and development.

The site, which still held top tier COMAH status at the beginning of the project presented a number of challenges to the RVA team. Having had several owners over the years making varying products, a wide range of hazardous materials were identified and bringing the plant to a ‘known status’ was a significant task.

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GrowHow UK Limited

Plant Decommissioning and Clearance

  Case Study - GrowHow UK Limited (425.6 KiB)

When premier fertiliser manufacturer GrowHow UK announced the decision to close its 100-acre Severnside plant, RVA was charged with managing, supervising and regulating the decommissioning and clearance of fertiliser production facilities, utilities equipment, laboratories and office buildings over nine separate locations within the site.

Traditional dismantling techniques were complemented by the controlled use of explosives to bring down the 100 metre tall Prill Manufacturing Tower, which once produced ammonium nitrate fertiliser pellets.

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Plant Dismantling for Relocation and Reassembly

  Case Study - GrowHow/Sigma (1.3 MiB)

RVA brought a complex three year programme of decommissioning, isolation, demolition and ground remediation works at GrowHow’s Severnside site to a close, following the final meticulous dismantling of two LCA plants.

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  Case Study - BASF Finland (195.4 KiB)

When the world’s largest chemical company BASF commenced the dismantling and demolition of its Kaipiainen polymer production facilities in Finland, it appointed specialist engineering consultants RVA Group to project manage the complex process. A team from RVA spent five months helping BASF prepare for the project before overseeing the safe execution of the works. The activity was part of a strategic consolidation to allow the company to focus its attention on alternative worldwide manufacturing, following its acquisition of ch mical company Ciba in 2009.

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Nufarm UK Ltd

  Case Study - Nufarm UK Ltd (179.2 KiB)

When world-leading crop protection company Nufarm UK Ltd undertook a major project to decommission and clear its 12 acre site in Belvedere, RVA was appointed to provide specialist engineering expertise and CDM coordination at the former top-tier COMAH site.

The project required intense planning and stringent management to minimise disruption to the numerous commercial properties bordering the site.

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INEOS ChlorVinyls

  Case Study - INEOS ChlorVinyls (207.3 KiB)

Seeking the advice of a specialist engineering consultancy can reveal previously unconsidered opportunities and considerable cost benefits, as INEOS ChlorVinyls found after appointing RVA Group to manage large-scale UK decommissioning projects in Barry and Runcorn.

INEOS ChlorVinyls – Europe’s largest polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturer – engaged sector-specific CDM coordinators and project managers RVA Group, to oversee the safe execution of these two major projects and ensure the maximisation of income from the resale of redundant plant and metallic arisings including high-value exotic alloys.

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