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Tate & Lyle, Jurong Island, Singapore

Congratulations to the entire team for successfully completing the removal and shipment of all the equipment to be relocated to the various T&L facilities!  During my visits, I was extremely impressed with the intense focus on safety and the professionalism of the team. Great job to all involved!

Maintain your strong focus on safety.

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SSE Long Term Laibility Study

SSE Generation required a high level but robust assessment of its liabilities to assist in the
determination of adequate provision for business and reporting purposes.

RVA were able to demonstrate both the experience and industry data to make such an assessment at an appropriate level of detail and respond in a relatively short time from instruction to proceed.

The methodology employed has been both rigorous and transparent, involving site visits and desk top analysis to provide a model based on required resources, scrap and waste with the underlying assumptions captured in both the model and accompanying report,  thereby providing a high degree of confidence in the estimated costs at both individual site and business unit level.

The outcome was delivered on schedule with adequate opportunity for review and adjustment so thatteams were involved in developing the approach and the results.

Finally, the RVA team engaged local site management in a highly professional and efficient manner interviewing key site personnel to obtain the essential information but minimizing disruption to operations.

I would have no hesitation in approaching RVA for a similar project in future.

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Selection As Chair At Berlin Conference

RVA is pleased to confirm Richard Vann will be Chair and speaker at the 2nd Power Station Decommissioning Conference, to be held in Berlin 2-3 June 2016.








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Power Station Decommissioning Conference Germany

Following a successful event in December, RVA has been asked to present at the 2nd Annual Decommissioning of Fossil Fuel Fired Power Plants for Utilities Forum in Berlin 2 and 3 June 2016. The full agenda is yet to be announced but it promises to be another one not to be missed.

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BASF Bradford Site

Following a 3-year major investment program at its UK Bradford site, BASF has decided to complete the site transformation by demolishing empty buildings and dismantling redundant process plant / infrastructure, some of which have been shut down for a number of years. In total there are 36 separate buildings and structures marked for removal, each one is integrated in and amongst working plants which need to be protected and preserved. Managing health and safety during the demolition process is the number one consideration.

The BASF Site Engineering Department had little experience of plant demolition and needed to get an early understanding of the demolition market, modern demolition methodologies applicable to the specific buildings and structures and also a sanction grade cost estimate. It was decided to commission the services of a decommissioning and demolition consulting company to bring some expertise to the in-house team.

After an evaluation of plant demolition consultants, BASF selected the RVA Group to survey the areas of marked for demolition and provide a study phase report to cover the above requirements.

The study was carried out over 8 weeks, the RVA team working on the demolition study were professional, proficient, responsive and understanding of what needed to be achieved and certainly helped the BASF team come to a better understanding in the field of demolition.

The professional study is now being used to progress the project.

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Eggborough Power Limited

When the decision was taken to commence our planning for the cessation of generation at Eggborough Power Station, the Site Management Team recognised that the process going forward would inevitably involve it in situations and tasks outside the normal operating remit. We wanted to be as certain as possible that any immediate actions or short term plans did not result in making decisions that would create issues, preclude future opportunities, or commit EPL to avoidable cost further down the line.

We interviewed a number of organisations to establish what was available in the market place and the services they could offer. RVA Group were selected to carry out a Feasibility and Options Study and provide us with a range of alternative approaches to the decommissioning project, with these being supported by the associated costs, programmes, resourcing requirements and strategies and other value-adding data.

In addition to the general decommissioning knowledge held by the RVA team, its power-sector specific experience, ranging from the procurement of hazardous insulation materials surveys to cooling tower demolition by the use of explosives, all added to the reliability of the information they provided us and the overall quality of the Study.

I would be happy to work with RVA in the future, should a suitable opportunity arise and would recommend them to any organisation that find themselves in similar circumstance to EPL.

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