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SRD Refinery, Dunkirk

RVA worked closely with SRD from June 2016 until January 2017. The RVA team assigned to the project included a project manager present on site and multi-skilled individuals working both from the RVA UK office and site visits.

■    RVA was very helpful with the provision of site isolation philosophy and decontamination strategy. This was especially important to SRD as we were short of skills due to the early departure of staff and unfamiliarity with industry best practice for the hand-over of process units and equipment to demolition contractors.

■    RVA followed a meticulous process for the preselection of demolition companies during the tendering process, with a strong emphasis on the HSE standards and capabilities of the contractors. The tender package put together by RVA was very detailed and comprehensive, reflecting their long experience in decommissioning, decontamination and demolition projects. RVA has demonstrated robust best-in-class processes in their field of expertise.

I was personally impressed with the efforts and abilities of RVA personnel. They displayed strong attention to detail and a genuine concern for the well-being of the project. I felt that we were always working together in order to achieve the project’s deliverables.

It has been my great pleasure working with you.

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Planning For The Future

RVA has a reputation in the demolition and decommissioning sector of being the ‘voice of authority’ in supporting a range of high-profile clients in the gas, oil, chemical and power generation industries. Whilst RVA has provided its clients with dedicated and specialist support for a quarter of century, it is not standing still. A new Corporate Leadership Team has been created to ensure the company remains current, proactive and energetic for the next 25 years.

The Corporate Leadership Team, with a mandate to develop the company’s strategic, medium and long-term objectives is already having a positive impact on the business by the introduction of a revised operations organisational structure and adding new members to the project delivery team.

The Corporate Leadership Team currently comprises Nick Clark (Operations Manager), Lilia Russell (Business Manager), Mark Taylor (Decommissioning Specialist), Richard Vann (Managing Director), Matthew Waller (Engineering & Compliance Manager) and Ian Wharton (Director of EHS, Engineering & Operational Strategy).

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A Three-Fold Boost For The RVA Team

As a part of the Group’s continuity and growth strategy, RVA is delighted to welcome new recruits Nick Clark (Operations Manager), Matthew Hedges (Project Manager) and Jonathan Tann (Project Manager.

These additions, to an already proven operations team, will enable the company to support its clients with an enhanced robust and secure service, as well as providing the resources to tackle new markets over the longer-term.

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RVA Group MD Richard Vann recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by BBC Radio Suffolk journalist Lesley Dolphin.

The interview focused on how RVA Group has developed over the past 20 years, the range of services it provides and the success Richard and his team are having ‘flying the flag’ overseas.

If you’d like to hear Richard chatting with Lesley, click play button below.

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Please check back soon.

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‘Twenty years in the demolition fast lane’ by Richard Vann, Demolition Engineer, Winter 2012

  Demolition Engineer Winter 2012 (251.2 KiB)

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