Local authority and housing

William Sutton Housing Association

When William Sutton Housing Association sought experienced consultants to manage the demolition of a 16-storey tower block in central Salford, RVA Group demonstrated an impressive CV and professional approach to such works.

Not only did William Sutton have no previous experience of high-rise tower block demolition; the building’s close proximity to occupied family homes, situated only 10m from the block at the nearest point, presented additional challenges and uncertainties for the client. Yet thankfully with RVA, William Sutton was in safe hands.

RVA’s appointment included full project management services, the management of tenders, quantity surveying and CDM coordinator (safety) duties. RVA advised the safest and least disruptive methodology would be demolition with the controlled use of explosives, a technique other consultants who had tendered for the works had dismissed outright. Yet the client trusted RVA’s experience from working on similar demolition projects across a wide range of industries, and later praised the team for making the right decision and ensuring a job very well done. RVA’s in-depth pre-demolition excavation procedures and planning were also commended.

The project was delivered safely, on time, below budget, with minimal disruption to the local community and without damage or claim to any adjoining properties.

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