Specialist decommissioning consultants for the manufacturing industry – Saint-Gobain
Chemical plant decommissioning and demolition – Great Marsh
Speciality chemical plant decommissioning – Croda
Petrochemical plant decommissioning – Huntsman
Process plant decommissioning – DuPont Teijin Films
Specialist decommissioning and demolition advice – Koppers
Specialist engineering consultants for chemical demolition – Rohm Haas
Chemical plant demolition – Albion Chemicals
Decommissioning support for the manufacturing industry – Rolls Royce
Chemical industry demolition – Oxiris
Process industry decommissioning advice – ICI
High rise building demolition – Blackburn Darwen Council
Chemical decommissioning and demolition advice – Elementis
Experienced pharmaceutical decommissioning specialists – Glaxo Wellcome
Large scale demolition support – Ineos Vinyls
Petrochemical demolition expertise – Shell
Specialist advice for local authorities – Hammersmith and Fulham
Specialist project management support for energy sector demolition – EDP
Chemical site decommissioning and dismantling – Johnson Matthey
Chemical decommissioning consultancy – Tioxide
Decommissioning expertise for the paper industry – BPB
Packaging industry decommissioning – Smurfit Kapp Group
Housing demolition and project management – WHG
International decommissioning and demolition project management – Cyprus Cement Company
Decommissioning consultancy – Alcoa
Pharmaceutical plant decommissioning – Sanofi Aventis
Decommissioning project management expertise – Advansa
High rise explosive demolition – Dudley Borough Council
Chemical decommissioning and demolition support – Brunner Mond
Environmental decommissioning – Veolia Environment
Decommissioning, decontamination, demolition and dismantling for the gas sector – Centrica
Power industry demolition expertise – Scottish Power
Power industry decommissioning advice – Siemens
Oil and gas decommissioning and demolition – Conoco Phillips
Chemical industry decommissioning – Great Lakes Chemical Corp
RVA Group consultancy support – Onyx
Nuclear decommissioning advice – Magnox North
Full site closure and remediation expertise – Nufarm
Energy decommissioning support – Enemalta
Chemical and fertilizer plant decommissioning – Terra
Specialist decommissioning, demolition and dismantling consultants – Carnaud Metalbox
Specialist chemical demolition – Ciba
Gas decommissioning and demolition  – BG Group
Chemical decommissioning and demolition experts – Schenectady Europe
Large scale plant dismantling – Kodak
Advice for the nuclear sector – British Nuclear Group
Decommissioning, demolition and dismantling advice – Twyford Bathrooms
Pharmaceutical plant decommissioning – Aventis
Technical demolition support – Acetate Products
Nuclear decommissioning planning – Magnox South
Specialist environmental advice – Environment Agency
Pharmaceutical decommissioning expertise – Sanofi
Refinery decommissioning advice – Petroplus
Engineering advice for the nuclear sector – BNFL
RVA Group decommissioning expertise – Federal Mogul
Decommissioning consultancy expertise for leading engineers – FKI
Pharmaceutical decommissioning and demolition – Merck
Chemical decommissioning and demolition – Ineos ChlorVinyls
Pharmaceutical decommissioning and demolition – GlaxoSmithKline
Petrochemical decommissioning support – Sabic
High rise demolition expertise – William Sutton
High rise explosive demolition – River Clyde Homes
Decommissioning advice for the energy sector – British Energy
Large scale site clearance – Growhow
Decommissioning consultancy for the chemical industry – Artenius uk
Industrial decommissioning and demolition – Basell
Large scale plant decommissioning support – St Regis
Specialist decommissioning advice – The Natural History Museum
Complex plant decommissioning – Smith & Nephew
Large scale chemical demolition specialists for the chemical sector – BASF
Energy decommissioning experts – Powergen
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Decommissioning for site redevelopment – St. Pauls Developments
Chemical decommissioning and demolition – Millennium Chemicals
Chemical demolition and dismantling – Ineos Nova
Large scale chemical decommissioning – Invista
Experienced chemical site decommissioning experts – Eastman
Decommissioning consultancy for the oil industry – Total
Energy demolition expertise – Lotus Enerji
Sequenced site decommissioning – Beyer
Pharmaceutical plant decommissioning and demolition – Novartis
Paper and packaging demolition – Mondi
Koch Fertilizer
Demolition project management expertise – Barratt Homes
Energy plant decommissioning  – BP
Decommissioning and demolition insight for industry-leading organisations – British Sugar
Decommissioning expertise for the processing industry – Nijit
Chemical plant dismantling – Lubrizol
Oil refinery decommissioning advice – Unocal
Chemical industry decommissioning – Air Products
UK decommissioning and demolition expertise – Lambeth
Gas decommissioning support – The BOC  Group
Local authority demolition consultants – Dundee City Council
Housing demolition – Space
Site redevelopment and regeneration – SEEDA
Chemical industry demolition experience – Akzo Nobel
Chemical plant decommissioning – Nova Innovene
Consultancy advice for the nuclear sector – Sellafield Sites
CLH Pipeline Systems
Industry leading decommissioning expertise – Lucite International
Consultancy support for the process and energy sector – Amec